Nameless by Debra Webb
St. Martin
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-94223-6
Reviewed by Tori




Vivian Grace was kidnapped by a serial killer when she was seventeen and when she escaped with her life decided to dedicate her life to finding kidnap victims.  Vivian is a rookie in the FBI and she needs to convince a man hurt by the agency to jump back in to save a little girl.

Ryan McBride was one of the best FBI Agents in the world, but when a case goes fatally wrong he becomes the scapegoat of the FBI.  Now three years later Ryan spends his days drinking, smoking and sleeping around.  He wants nothing to do with the FBI until Vivian shows up on his door with a request that he cannot refuse.  There is a kidnapper using the agentsí pasts against them, and he needs to be stopped.

Nameless is a thrilling non-stop ride that kept me wanting more.  The characters are well written and the plot, while a common theme, was far from common.  The writing kept you at the edge of your seat wondering if Vivian and Ryan could save everyone in the end.  Vivian and Ryan sizzled when they were in the room together.  I Joyfully Recommend Nameless to anyone that likes an Alpha Male paired with a woman that is strong enough to hold her own, but soft enough to accept help when needed. 


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