Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss by Sedonia Guillone
White Tiger, Book 1
Total-e-Bound Publishing
Paranormal m/m
ISBN: 978-1-906328-85-6
Reviewed by Beth Anne




Koji, in need of “serious decompression”, is sent on a forced vacation by his boss.  Luckily, he convinces his boss to allow him to stay at The White Tiger, a men’s hotel specializing in harvesting a “man’s yang” and pleasuring them so they are “uplifted, body, mind and soul”.  Naoto is assigned to Koji and an emotional, sexy, hot journey begins for both Koji and Naoto.

Sudden Bliss is Joyfully Recommended for a number of reasons.  Koji and Naoto are both extremely attracted to one another, but both men have major issues that are roadblocks to any relationship.  Koji is a workaholic, who is grieving for his deceased stepmother, is not openly gay to his family or friends, and is pressured to marry by his father.  Naoto is a student of the White Tiger path, and is grieving the death of his lover and partner from a brutal shooting three years earlier.  The emotional journey Koji and Naoto take during Koji’s enforced one week vacation is full of sweet highlights, sexy and erotic explorations, and great m/m action. 

I very much enjoyed Sudden Bliss, and the romance and seduction between Koji and Naoto was perfect and beautiful.  Have you ever had a lover refer to your lips as “cherry blossom petals, only a million times better”?  Sudden Bliss is the first book in the White Tiger series, and is definitely enjoyable on its own, but I am looking forward to reading more about the comings and goings of the men at the White Tiger!


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