Give Him the Slip & Never Say Never by Geralyn Dawson
Signet Eclipse
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 0-451-21963-5, 0451222431
Reviewer: Melissa




Give Him the Slip

With a rock star for a father, Maddie Kincaid is just looking for peace and she believes she’s found it in the town of Brazos Bend. No one knows her and there’s no papparzzi following her every movement. But when she accidently stumbles upon drugs she finds herself being forced to go to ex-DEA agent Luke Callahan for help. Maddie’s had her share of loser boyfriends but the feelings that spring up between her and Luke have her spinning out of control. Can Luke protect her and can Maddie protect her heart?


Never Say Never

Torie Bradshaw is running from a stalker and she runs right to Matt Callahan. Matt Callahan had been sent into rescues Torie’s twin sister, the perfect sister according to their father, and Torie didn’t advise him as to exactly which sister he was rescuing. The whole rescue went south when Torie accidently caused the end of Matt’s career as a field agent. Now that Torie needs help, Matt can’t turn her away but he’s not anxious to get mixed up with a woman who has trouble written all over her. But as the danger around Torie escalates Matt becomes more determined to protect her  the emotions between them come to the front. But when Torie finds out that Matt has used her as bait can she forgive one more betrayal from someone she loves?


Wow! Talk about loaded with action! Geralyn Dawson delivers with Give Him the Slip and Never Say Never. Faced paced these stories, keep the reader glued to the pages, dying to see how the Callahan brothers finally get their women defeat the villian. Lovers of romantic suspense should add this to their “must be read NOW” lists!


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