Forbidden Fruit by Eden Bradley
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-0-553-38511-3
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Mia Rose Curry is a college professor.  Her course in alternate sexuality is constantly full and keeps her busy.  She doesnít have time to indulge in affairs, content to leave her fantasies at home where she can pamper herself as often as she likes in the privacy of her home.  Miaís desires hit her hard when she comes face to face with Jagger James, a student in her class. Jagger makes her think of the forbidden.  Jagger makes her think of letting down her inhibitions.  Jagger makes her yearn for the impossible Ė forever with this beautiful but illicit younger man. 

Jagger James has returned to school in order to get a degree in something.  As a trained chef, Jagger was tired of the rat race and constant chaos, which made him despise his trade.  Joining the most popular course at the university, Jagger is floored and canít help but stare at his professor, Mia Rose Curry.  Everything Jagger has ever wanted in a woman is staring back at him and while he knows that relationships between students and their professors are strictly taboo, he canít help but tempt fate.  He wants Mia Rose and so his tempting seduction begins.

I will never look at another piece of fruit or artfully presented chocolate again without remembering Forbidden Fruit by Eden Bradley.  Truly one of the most decadent and satisfying novels I have ever read, Forbidden Fruit is a sensual and artistic smorgasbord of emotions. Each character, whether it is Jagger or Mia, is alive with senses and feelings and yearnings, almost afraid to reach for what drives them. Together they were compliments of the other; each giving as well as taking.

Eden Bradley never fails to capture my attention as a reader. From beginning to end Forbidden Fruit was truly magnificent.  I have no choice but to Joyfully Recommend this wonderful written, extremely passionate, and sometimes naughty tale of forbidden love. It made me shiver!  


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