Down in Texas by Delilah Devlin
Contemporary Western
ISBN-10: 0758228724
ISBN-13: 978-0758228727
Reviewed by Emma



“Wearing His Brand”

Lyssa McDonough is in trouble, again. The barbed wire she is wrapped in is ripping her clothes to shred. To top it off, her next-door neighbor, Brandon Tynan, is the one to find her and help her out of the mess. But will she end up in worse trouble with Brandon or the barbed wire? She is about to find out.


“Slow Ride”

Maggie Dermott inherited her husband’s ranch. Unfortunately, she does not know the first thing about horses and needs all the help she can get. Help comes in the form of Daniel Tynan, who is willing to teach her a lot about horses and life. Daniel plans to take his time and enjoy every moment of the teaching.


“Straight Up Soldier”

Suki Reece is in trouble. When one of her friends sends her help in the form of Mac McDonough, she finds she may be in worse trouble than she originally thought. With Mac being a hardheaded and hard-bodied ex-Marine, she will have to find out just which one of them is in control. Strangely, win or lose she wins.


HOT! HOT! HOT! Down in Texas is three tales of hot cowboys and the women they tame. I found myself compelled to read the novel from beginning to end enjoying every moment and falling in love all over again with cowboys. Ms. Devlin’s descriptions drew me in immediately and did not let me go until I realized that Down in Texas was finished. All I wanted was more, so I read Down in Texas again, enjoying it for a second time. I am hoping that Ms. Devlin gives one of my favorite characters, Tara Toomey, her own story.

Down in Texas is now a book in my permanent reread pile. As such, I Joyfully Recommend Down in Texas.


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