Discovery by Jet Mykles
Dark Elves, Bk. 5
Loose Id
LGBT, Fantasy, Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-769-6
Reviewed by Jo




Kinig is a bard who just had to learn more about the Dark Elves and requested permission to come and live with them, learn, and create his songs and stories to tell the world about them.  He has no idea just how shocking his request to learn about the raedjour was to the raheja.  Kinig just knows that this is an opportunity to learn about a new race and to spread the word.  Plus, it will set his place in the world as a bard, is his thought before meeting the raedjour.

Fallil, a Dark Elf, when asked by the raheja, agreed to be Kinig’s sponsor while he stays and learns from them.  Fallil is an entertainer himself, so he understands what is behind Kinig’s request and want for knowledge.  Fallil and Kinig become a loving couple who enjoy entertaining the other dark elves whenever possible.   They always knew that sooner or later Kinig would leave and return to the outside world but that doesn’t make it any easier for either of them when the time comes.  Fallil gives Kinig something to help him find his way back whenever he wishes to do so. 

Nialdlye is the last red elf that was taken from her clan as a young child.  Kept by a solitary mage who runs her life, when told it was important to find and take Kinig of the Dark Elves, Nialdlye helps.  However, as the days pass and Nialdlye begins to care for Kinig, sees his love of the raedjour and Fallil, and learns horrible things about her keeper, she looks to see if maybe there is a way to help them both leave.  Unexpected help lets Nialdlye and Kinig find a way to escape, but will they find their way back to the dark elves or be lost in the vast mists?

As a Dark Elves fan, I could only say Yippee as I finished Discovery.  Kinig is a human bard wanting to explore this new world, Fallil is a Dark Elf entertainer who finds his bondmate, and Nialdlye is the last red elf who knows so little about herself and her people but knows that things are not what they should be.  The bonding from friendship to lovers between Kinig and Fallil would have been enough to make me happy.  However, when Ms. Mykles added a sexy female red elf that seems to be at least one answer to the Dark Elves needs, I was excited that maybe something could help them.  But even that was not the end of the surprises I discovered as I finished.  The pictures that were inserted and lovingly done by Ms. Mykles added a visual element, which only added to my enjoyment of the entire storyline.  I can only say that Discovery is a must read for any longtime Dark Elves lovers.  The many surprises, elements of suspense and the love of Dark Elves gives me no other choice but to make Discovery a recommended read.


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