Dead Drop by by Karen Wiesner
Incognito Series, book 4
Whiskey Creek Press
Action Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-59374-754-1
Reviewed by Ley




Believed to have been killed twenty-five years earlier in a car accident, no one knew Daniel Sand’s car accident was all a cover created by the Network when they recruited him.  Only his fiancé Parris ‘Perry’ L’Engle suspected there was more to the accident.  When she suspects the same thing may be happening to her son, Perry, now an FBI agent, will stop at nothing to save him.  In her attempts to save her son Perry finds herself face to face with Roan Emory, a cold hearted agent of the network, whom a long time ago was Daniel the man she loved.

Dead Drop is another great installment to the Incognito series.  The lead up to this fourth book is well worth the wait.  I think this is the most emotional of the previous stories and so far my favorite.  Each story of the Incognito series intensifies the series and keeps me wanting more.  The action in this installment is top notch and the storyline made it hard for me to put this book down once I started it.  It’s difficult for me to give specifics of the book for fear I may give to much away, but I highly recommend Dead Drop.  For any suspense novel lovers and for fans of Karen Wiesner ‘s Incognito series I Joyfully Recommend Dead Drop to you.


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