Crossing The Line by Cat Johnson
Linden Bay Romance
Contemporary m/f
ISBN: 978-1-60202-127-3
Reviewed by Beth Anne




Mississippian Carrie Armstrong has always been competitive in all aspects of her life and fiercely independent.  Carrie joins the Air Force right after high school graduation and begins a successful career in the military.  Twelve years later, she is deployed to Camp Lemonier in the Horn of Africa as a Tech Sergeant and Satellite Communications Operator.  At the combined joint task force base, consisting of Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines, she meets and develops a friendship with Marine Staff Sergeant Beau Adams.  As their friendship grows so does the sexual awareness and attraction between Beau and Carrie, and they both struggle with the no fraternization rule as well as the potential of endangering their military careers.

Crossing The Line has great dialogue with engaging characters and a pleasurable plot line.  I liked the details and backgrounds of the characters and knowing Carrie’s personal history with her best friend Alan, and Beau’s friendship with Crash, made Carrie and Beau very real people in my mind.  The personal choices and sacrifices each have to make for their burgeoning love is emotionally poignant and I was pleasantly surprised by the in-depth perspective from Beau’s point-of-view.  Overall, Crossing The Line is an insightful look into the loves, lives, and careers of today’s military.  And the cover is sexy-hot!


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