Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dark Hunters Series, Book 12
St. Martin Press
Sensual Paranormal
ISBN: 978-0-312-36215-7
Reviewed by Nannette




Eleven thousand years ago, Archonís three illegitimate daughters, The Fates, accidentally cursed Archon and Apollymiís son Apostolos. The curse would kill them all so Archon wanted the babe killed. To save her unborn child, Apollymi had the infant raised by mortals.  When Apostolos and his twin brother Styxx were born it was apparent that Apostolos was not identical in every way to his twin. To them, he was an abomination. He was named after the River of Woe. They called him Acheron.

Present Day:

Eleven thousand years is not long enough to banish the horror of his past. Acheron doesnít get close to anyone and he doesnít trust. He still thinks he is unworthy of love. Then he meets Dr. Soteria Kafieri. Tori is an archeologist trying to uncover the mysteries of Atlantis. She is determined to finish her fatherís work and bring dignity back to her family. Acheron is determined to keep his past hidden. If it means ruining Toriís good name to do it, so be it. Tori uncovers more than ancient artifacts. She now has the power to destroy Acheron and the world, but she doesnít know it. As they begin to fight a battle that will either save or kill them all, Tori becomes the one person who may finally be able to save Acheron.  

Acheron is the baddest of the bad boys. Heís sex personified. To see him is to want him. He is a legend in any time. He rules with righteous indignation and he never breaks a promise. Acheron is one of the most compelling characters Iíve ever read about and as such his story needed to be as well. Acheron is that, and more.  Part one delves into Acheronís past. Itís brutal, agonizing, and terribly unjust. No mere mortal could have survived such pain and torture. Acheron is constantly persecuted and violated. It is emotionally draining to read. He suffers unimaginable pain and anguish. He brings new meaning to the phrase ďtortured heroĒ. Sherrilyn Kenyon excels at creating descriptive scenes and imaginative characters. Part two is just as thrilling and action-packed as all of the Dark Hunter stories. Battles, car chases, gods, demons, and more make every page exciting. At first, I wasnít sure how things would work between Tori and Acheron, but Tori quickly proved to be the perfect woman for him. Her strength and compassion shines on every page.  After reading Acheron my hatred of Artemis is justified, and even if Acheron werenít a god, he still would be to me. There is no man more appealing, more charming, or more sexy than him. There is also no one more deserving of a happily ever after. Acheron is a story of revelations and confirmations. Questions are finally answered and doubts are cast aside as Acheronís story is told in its brilliant entirety. If you thought you loved him before, wait until you read this!  Sherrilyn Kenyon raises the bar once again with Acheron. It is an epic tale that surpassed my highest hopes. It totally rocks!


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