A Virgin River Christmas by Robyn Carr
Virgin River Series, Book 4
ISBN: 978-0778325734
Reviewer: Melissa




Marcie Sullivan came to Virgin River looking for Ian Buchanan.  Ian had saved her husbandís life while both men served as marines in . Bobby had lived several years almost comatose before he finally passed away a year ago and Marcie is determined to find Ian and find out why, after one visit, he never came back to see his friend again. She finally finds Ian, she finds a damaged soul who has been living as a hermit. Ian has never been able to forgive himself for the way Bobby died and has lived his life trying to escape the nightmare of Bobbyís vegetative state. But Marcieís arrival brings light and laughter back into Ianís life. As they spend the days together love blooms between them. Can they forge a new life between them?

Robyn Carrís Virgin River Series is simply excellent. From one book to the next the characters you fell in love with in other books keep the story moving and remind the reader why we love this series. A Virgin River Christmas is just the right touch for the season. Readers canít go wrong with this book. I canít recommend A Virgin River Christmas highly enough!


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