Waiting for Dimi by Kiernan Kelly
Single Shots
Torquere Press
Contemporary Romance (M/M)
ISBN: (10) 1-60370-120-6; (13) 978-1-60370-120-4
Reviewed by Sabella




James and Dimi have been friends since they were five years old and they have been through everything together.  James’s life is turned upside down when his wife leaves him and accuses him of having an affair with Dimi and James does what he always does – run to Dimi.  There is no way that there is more between them, is there?  After all, James isn’t gay…

Waiting for Dimi is an awesome story so full of emotion and history between James and Dimi that at the end you will feel as though you have lived their life along with them.  These two will make you fall in love with them and have you laughing at their adventures as they grow up while they build the anticipation of the moment when they finally come together.  If you have never read anything by Kiernan Kelly before Waiting for Dimi is the perfect place to start as James and Dimi are so vividly written that you will be pulled into the story from the first word.  I hope that Kiernan Kelly brings these two back soon as they were wonderful to read.  Waiting for Dimi is the perfect read for a day you are looking for a story that will satisfy your cravings for romance and happy endings – get it today, you won’t regret it!


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