Unlucky by Jana DeLeon
Love Spell
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-0-505-52729-5
Reviewed by Nannette




Mallory Devereaux is the town of Royal Flush’s bad luck charm.  It’s not so bad when she’s trying to help her friends win at pool by jinxing their opponents, but when she really likes a guy and he breaks up with her because he ends up in the hospital, it’s not a good thing. 

Mallory has to make a lot of money fast to help her surrogate father Harry Breaux out of trouble so she agrees to cool cards at her uncle’s poker tournament to get a share of the winnings. Jake Randoll is a dealer at the tournament. He’s keeping a close eye on one of the players, Silas Hebert. He’s got them on Mallory too though.

When Jake explains what he’s up to and asks for Mallory’s help, she reluctantly agrees. They have a common goal—getting Silas out of the game. Mallory goes from sexy card cooler to Sherlock Holmes in the blink of an eye.

The stakes are heating up in the game and for Jake and Mallory too, but the danger is growing as well.

A priest who gets drunk and spout people’s confessions, a postal worker who reads everyone’s mail, beautiful, havoc- reeking Mallory and sexy FBI guy Jake are just a few of the colorful and outrageous characters in Unlucky. I loved Unlucky and I Joyfully Recommend it.  It’s a blast, it’s sexy, and it has a few exciting twists at the end too!


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