Tears of the Reaper by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Western Wind
Ellora’s Cave
Futuristic Paranormal
ISBN: 9781419908095
Reviewed by Erys




Owen Tohre has suffered things no man should ever have to face.  After his last mission, he has taken a much needed break, but hasn’t been taking care of himself like he should have been.  While he is returning to the Citadel for the help he can no longer deny his needs.  Owen saves a young boy’s life and lands himself in a place that is unlike any other he’s been in.  He also finds a woman who stirs things in him he’d thought would never surface again.

Rachel isn’t like the women Owen is used to.  She’s been raised in a culture where women are subservient to men and must obey them.  Punishments for those who disobey are strict - so strict she will follow those orders out of fear.

Tears of the Reaper will have you engrossed from the opening.  Charlotte Boyett-Compo weaves a story that tugs at the heart strings, and will have you rooting for all of the characters, not just Owen and Rachel.  I read Tears of the Reaper in one sitting because I simply could not put it down.  Between the fast paced action, and way I was drawn emotionally to the characters, I couldn’t stop reading down until I knew what would happen to Owen and Rachel.  Ms. Boyett-Compo crafts complex characters that pull all the right strings to keep you reading and coming back for more.  The story ended in such a way that I won’t be satisfied until I read book five because it’s not a traditional Happy Ever After, but gave me hope for one.  While this is a stand alone story, I did enjoy it more having read Prime Reaper first.  This story is not for the faint of heart as there is violence and some extreme cruelty done to the main characters.  Tears of the Reaper will stay with you long after you read The End.


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