Honorís Destiny by Yolonda Greggs
Kimani Press - Arabesque
African American Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1583145814
Reviewed by Nikita Steele




Nicolas Morgan is devastated when his top model, Honor McIntrye, announces her retirement.  As the corporate executive for the advertising department in a well-known cosmetics firm, Nic knows that he has his work cut out for him with replacing Honor.  Yet, the work is not his major problem because every since Nic signed Honor on to the agency a few years back, he has fantasized about having romantic relationship with her; however, he never acted upon it because he has a no dating policy with his employees.  No longer Honorís boss, Nic is open to pursue his heartís desire.  Now, the question becomes Ė will he?  And, if that wasnít enough to ponder, Nicís younger sister has decided to leave her eight-month-old son in his care while she goes off in search of her dream of becoming a big-time model. Talk about total chaos!

Supermodel Honor McIntrye is keeping a secret from the world.  A secret that she feels if revealed could cause major damage to her modeling career.  So, Honor decides to depart from the industry before that could happen.  But, there is still one unfinished business matter that Honor feels she needs to address and that is her feelings for her boss, Nicolas Morgan.  Now, with her modeling not standing between them, Honor is ready to explore the attraction between them.  Will Nic welcome Honorís proposal to start a relationship?

Honorís Destiny is Yolonda Greggsí debut novel and what a marvelous story it is.  This book deals with a very important subject a lot of women are facing today and I applaud Ms. Greggs on how she tackled this issue with the heroine.  Although, she holds a superstar status, Honor is an incredible, down-to-earth person.  Itís so hard to believe that deep down inside, she is an insecure woman.  This only goes to show that you canít always judge a book by its cover.  It was great to see, with the support of her family and the love from Nic, Honor blossom from insecurity to full of pride.  The story flows effortlessly at a solid pace, with Honor and Nic coming to an understanding about their problems and feelings for each other.  There is some sex; however, it is vanilla in nature and gently described.  To me the realization of self-worth along with a sweet, tender romance made Honorís Destiny a uniquely, superb recommended read.


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