Heading South by Owen March
Amber Allure
Gay / Contemporary / Paranormal
ISBN: 13: 978-1-60272-064-0
Reviewed by Raine




Edgar Thorpe was released from his job as assistant scenic painter from Fairfax Theater with only the explanation he’d been replaced. Now, four years later, he’s been rehired to do a job at the theatre for a production company. But, he’s also been offered the option of taking the theater’s head scenic painter job permanently when he’s done. Returning to the theater will prove interesting as Jason Cole the man he believes responsible for his release is also behind his return.

For years Ed has been in love with Jase, the theater’s head carpenter. Jase has always been a notorious flirt, comfortable enough to flirt with men and women alike. He however always dated women though, so Ed knew nothing could ever come of the attraction. In taking the job Ed can’t decide if he will be heaven or hell? And the theatre’s ghost isn’t helping….or is he?

Owen March’s characters, Ed and Jase are just to die for in Heading South. These men will make your heart race as they tap dance around their secret desires. I absolutely loved this book and I’m Joyfully Recommending Heading South as a MUST read. This story has it all…resentment, drama, angst, love and HEAT…..not to mention a meddling ghost.


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