Cursed by Rhianne Aile
Gay, Paranormal, Werewolf Shifter, Witch
ISBN: 978-0-9795048-2-2
Reviewed by Raine




Centuries ago, Anne Northland, a woman scorned, cast a curse that all first-born Sterling males would be doomed to become werewolves.  Tristan and Will Northland are witches, caught up in the centuries old curse gone awry.  The twin brothers were raised by their grandmother, who taught these gifted witches the family craft.  Upon their grandmother’s death, they inherited the family’s Book of Shadows.  Tristan then comes to believe he’s meant to try to break the age-old curse set upon the Sterling family.

Benjamin Sterling, the current Sterling member cursed with being a werewolf, has studied the craft and all shifter history looking for a cure or spell to reverse the curse. Because the clans will not accept a cursed shifter as one of their own, Benjamin is damned to live out a lonely existence. When Tristan shows up unexpectedly at Benjamin’s office the attraction there is undeniable, but can he trust him to really help?

Tristan and his twin brother have a special connection and the powers they wield between them are incredible. Combine the twins with Benjamin, whose charisma will make you melt, and Rhianne Aile delivers a wonderfully enchanting story of magic, thrill, suspense and above all else…love. These men will captivate you to the end, I Joyfully Recommend reading Cursed.


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