Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts
Sign of Seven Trilogy, Book 1
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-515-14380-5
Reviewed by Annmarie




The citizens of Hawkins Hollow call it ‘The Seven’.  ‘The Seven’ began when Cal, Gage and Fox, three innocent young boys, spent the evening in the woods at the Pagan Stone to celebrate their tenth birthday.  Now, every seventh year, in the seventh month, for seven days the town plunges into madness.  A madness so powerful that it leaves pain, destruction, and even death behind.

Twenty-one years later, the three boys are now grown men determined to confront the evil that has besieged their town.  This time, they are not alone.  Three women have come to Hawkins Hollow.  Three women that may make all the difference in the face-off against evil.  Three women that love Cal, Gage and Fox.  

Nora Roberts’ Blood Brothers is more than enthralling.  Blood Brothers is more than romantic.  Blood Brothers is more than suspenseful.  Nora Roberts’ new trilogy is more than marvelous.  Nora Roberts is undoubtedly the most talented author around and she just keeps amazing me with her talent.  I was mesmerized by Blood Brothers and am eager for more.  The Sign of Seven trilogy captivates.


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