An Affair Before Christmas by Eloisa James
Desperate Duchesses Series, Book 2
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-124554-1
Reviewed by Annmarie




With the magic of Christmas surrounding them, Lady Poppy and the Duke of Fletcher fell madly in love.  After a wonderfully romantic wedding, Poppy and Fletch looked forward to a brilliant future.  Their love could never be anything but fairy tale perfect.   

Four years after their wedding, the Duke and Duchess of Fletcher appear to be the ton’s most perfect couple.  With astounding good looks and always perfectly turned out, Poppy and Fletch are adored by all.  But the happy couple they present to the ton is not so happy in the privacy of their London townhome. 

Eloisa James is a master storyteller and the Desperate Duchesses series is spectacular!  An Affair Before Christmas is an intricately woven tale spotlighting the romance of Poppy and Fletch, Duke and Duchess of Fletcher.   Readers will be happy to see more of the Duke and Duchess of Beaumont, the Duke of Villiers and other memorable characters from book one in this series, Desperate Duchesses. 

Quick wit, marvelously drawn characters and seductive romance are just part of the joy in reading An Affair Before Christmas.  What makes An Affair Before Christmas a must read and Eloisa James the crème de la crème of historical romance authors is her ability to spark an intense emotional response.  Before book’s end, a plethora of emotions are experienced.  From gut-wrenching uncertainty, to painful heart break, to full blown, heart-pounding love, An Affair Before Christmas is a magical read that cannot be missed!


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