Hide Out by Katie Allen

Private Dicks, Book 2

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 9781419927393

Reviewed by Lisa



Officer Peter Giordano isn’t in the closet, but that doesn’t mean he shares his sexual preferences with his fellow cops.  Even with today’s supposed openness, it still isn’t always comfortable being gay in a straight cop shop.

Pete is offered what equates to babysitting duty for a witness.  He has to keep Trevor ‘Haas’ Courtland safe from daddy dearest long enough to testify against him, for murder.   Trevor already ran away once before testifying and ended up helping P.I.’s Rhodes and Wash with a sex slave case before he ended up back in protective custody.

It’s decided that Pete will have sole custody of Trevor so they head to a small house Pete recently purchased in Honeysuckle - population: quaint and quiet.  The beefy cop and the sulky witness have more in common than they both realize.  While they work on fixing up the gutted house they fight to keep their hands off each other, neither realizing they are both gay.

As Pete and Trevor - or ‘Joey’ as he’s renamed - learn to deal with each other while doing repairs, they are visited by Joey’s friends Rhodes and Wash.  Their arrival is soon followed by a neighbor’s murder.  Sleepy little Honeysuckle is turning into a hot bed of gay couples and killers it seems.  For Pete and Joey the biggest complication of it all is the love developing between them.  It’s getting to the point where neither one may want the assignment to ever end.  Too bad killers don’t feel that way.

Prepare yourself for a wild ride in Hide Out!  Well drawn characters, witty dialogue and eroticism fill the pages in this action packed unconventional romance.  Hide Out offers readers two sexy stud heroes in Pete and Trevor/Joey, one an incredibly decent, dominant cop and the other a quietly traumatized, sulky sweetheart.  As well as the treat of these two there is also Rhodes and Wash, double the pleasure, double the fun.  To further twist things around there is suspense and a mystery to solve.  Hold onto your hats because Hide Out is a laugh out loud story with scalding hot sex, lethal action and killer entertainment.  I Joyfully Recommend Hide Out, satisfying from start to finish.


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