Colters’ Woman by Maya Banks

Colters' Legacy, Book 1

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Contemporary/Ménage

ISBN: 9781599981451

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Adam Colter and his two brothers, Ethan and Ryan, are feeling restless.  Winter has set in, but after ten years of guiding hunters through the mountains in the fall, they want more.  Walking to get the mail, Adam is surprised to see someone in a snowy ditch and rushes to help.  Rushing to the fallen person, he is astonished to see that it is a woman and without further thought, he knows she is the one; the one person that will complete his family unit.  Carefully picking her up, he rushes her to the cabin and his brothers.

Holly Bardwell is tired of running but has no choice.  The witness of a murder, she escaped with just the clothes on her back and since her car broke down, she is relieved, lucky actually, to not have died.  She is a bit nervous though because she wakes up in the company of not one but three dashing and extremely virile looking men.  Men that somehow make her feel safe, while at the same time make her feel aroused and tingly inside.  Men that she is afraid of caring about because if she loves them, she might inadvertently put them in danger or get them harmed.

Adam, Ethan, and Ryan vow to Holly that she is safe from the menace searching for her and set out to prove to her that they love her and want her with them always.  Finally feeling safe, Holly’s world comes crashing down with a single gun shot.  Now it is up to the brothers to save her like they promised.

Colters’ Woman by Maya Banks is a ménage match made in heaven.  I still haven’t recovered from its intensity and I first read this book in early 2007.  Adam, Ethan, and Ryan are heroes at their finest and sinfully sexy lovers as well.  Fully anticipating and looking forward to a ménage, what I got was so much more.  More love, more passion, more story.  Each male character is lovable, from Adam’s no nonsense approach to Holly’s safety, to Ethan’s ready laughter, to Ryan’s vulnerability.   Each brother single handedly made me fall in love and like Holly, there would have been no way I could have picked just one.  Holly surprised me at first with her readiness to accept the men in her life, but as the story progressed, her character strengthened and I have to say that her bravery was stunning.

Colters’ Woman grabs me every single time I pick it up for a reread.  I can’t stop until I am finished – that’s how much I adore this book.  This story of three lonely men and one lonely woman just worked for me.  Grab the ice water and get a fan, because this baby is HOT!!  When a book still affects me years after reading it, I can’t help but joyfully recommend it for a second time.  Don’t miss Maya Bank’s Colters’ Woman, it is still my favorite ménage book of all time and it is just as remarkable now as it was when it was first released.

Note:  Readers will be treated to a special short novella directly after Colters’ Woman.  It is titled Callie’s Meadow and well, readers will just have to read it and see.  Also, be sure and go to Samhain Publishing and download Colters’ Wife, a free installment featuring Holly and her men from of Colters’ Woman.


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