Wanted by Shelley Shepard Gray

Sisters of the Heart, Book 2

Avon Inspire


ISBN: 9780061474460

Reviewed by Tanya



Katie is a hard working Amish woman who still lives at home, as she is unmarried.  She has quietly fancied Jonathan, a widower, for years but has never pursued this attraction due to her upbringing and her past. 

She is concerned about her darkest secrets, the things she did during her Rumspringa (her running-around years).  She is afraid that members of her community will not understand what she did, as she has a hard time coming to terms with them herself.  She is now a member of the church and has cut her ties with those she met during her Rumspringa, and is letting God lead her life.

When an opportunity arises for Katie to help Jonathan with his children she welcomes the opportunity, though her parents do not at first, as they are concerned Katie will be hurt.

Now her past has suddenly surfaced just as she might finally have a chance at love with Jonathan.  Will Katie be able to deal with the past and accept forgiveness?

If you need a “pick me up story” that is faith based than you will want to read Wanted.  I admit that I not only laughed by I cried while reading about Katie.  Ms. Gray has a fan in me with the Sisters of the Heart Series, though I don’t normally read inspirational stories.  I found that her writing skills pulled me in as well as the way she lets us into the thoughts of here characters, including their worries and concerns.  I look forward to the next book in this series.  Wanted is definitely recommended by me.


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