Under Fire by Jo Davis

The Firefighters of Station Five, Book 2

Signet Eclipse

Contemporary/Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 9789451226792

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



A firefighter for Station Fiveís A Shift, Zack Knight lives to save lives.  His own life, however, is sadly lacking.  Zackís father owes a huge gambling debt to a big time Atlantic City hotel mogul, and the fact that Zackís dad is comatose in a nursing home only means that the mogul is now coming after Zack.  As a result, Zack has lost his home, his life savings, even his pride.  He is working himself to the bone just trying to stay afloat Ė but he is sinking fast.  While absently pondering his diminished finances and stagnant life, Zack accidentally rear ends Miss Cori Shannon, an exotic dancer.  He does his best to help the stunning woman all the while knowing she would never go for a geek with a huge IQ like him.  Especially a geek who canít even afford to take her out to dinner.

Though very upset that her car is rear ended, Cori Shannon has more serious problems.  She feels the relentless weight of eyes following her, leaving her with the continuous feeling of being watched.  After leaving the handsome but somewhat shy man standing in the rain, Cori continues on her way.  When her tire blows out and she sharply turns the steering wheel, her SUV crashes though a guard rail only to stop and hang inches above the churning river.  Terrified to move, Cori prays for help.  Help arrives in the form of firefighter Zack Knight who promises her he will get her out of the SUV alive.  At considerable risk to himself, Zack does just that. 

In Under Fire, Zack and Coriís relationship begins hot and the flame burns higher each time they are around each other.  Coriís quick comebacks at the scene where she and Zack first meet made me smile.  While Cori is sassy and independent, she isnít whiney.  She knows what she needs to do with her life and her goals of being independent of her brothers and her dead husbandís money are noteworthy.  Zack made my heart swoon. I absolutely loved every single inch of this man.  Though tender and empathetic, Zach is a strong character who has a deep sense of loyalty.  More than once he puts himself in danger to keep Cori safe.  And to be quite honest, if I say much more, I would have to give away the plot of Under Fire Ė and since I donít want to spoil the fun, I just canít do it.

Scorching hot kisses, smoldering sex, and explosive passion make Under Fire a must read!  Experience the flames of Under Fire! I joyfully recommend it!  


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