Turquoise and Leather by Kim Dare

Collared, Book 1


Contemporary M/M – BDSM

ISBN:  978-1-907010-06-4

Reviewed by Lisa



An evening at a nearby bar brings unexpected results for George McAllister when he spots the hot blonde dancing on a table top.  George feels immediate interest and lust until he sees the leather collar with a turquoise stone hanging around the blonde’s neck.  Too bad he’s taken by another dominant already because George doesn’t believe in poaching. 

There’s an instant attraction between the tall, dark haired fellow and Eric Jordan but when Eric tries to make a move he’s rebuffed.  Eric is totally confused by the mixed signals and insists on knowing what’s up with the homemade necklace he wears.  No question they’re both feeling the sparks so what’s wrong?  Someone better speak up or they will both go home alone and miss the chance of a lifetime.

Author Kim Dare knows when to use just the right amount of strong dominance and light touches to make Turquoise and Leather a very entertaining story.  I enjoyed seeing the submissive character come alive with humor and wit while the dominant role did not equate with heavy handedness.  Turquoise and Leather shows readers that a learning curve can be a uniquely pleasurable s/D


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