Tales of the Magician 2: The Lost One by  Melinda Barron

Loose Id

Erotic Time Travel

ISBN: 978-1-59632-485-5

Reviewed by Willow



Derrick Matthews and his lovers, Julia Rafferty and Nobel Walters, are searching for a way to release Nebetta. Derrick loves her and wants her with them and will risk his life to save her. But Pharoh Ramesses III wants her back.

Nebetta’s ka was, and still is, trapped inside a paddle doll by an evil magician. The only way that Derrick sees to rescue her is to travel back in time to find the information they need to release her. Only he changes events and now may lose his life and Nebetta. With the help of a time traveling priest, Nebetta manipulates events in her own time and rescues Derrick and sets her path back on track. But is it enough?

I loved Tales of the Magician 1: The Captive One, the first book in this series. Tales of the Magician 2: The Lost One is more of the same. I love it. Strong story and fascinating characters. Derrick, Julia and Nobel are still in Egypt which all on its own holds a fascination for me. The trio wants to bring a fourth into their bed….as soon as they can break the spell that holds her captive. Their determination and risk taking make it even better. Plus the desert is the perfect place for hot sex and no one gets left out. The question burning in my mind is—what’s next? Cause ya know, the villain has to be stopped! I Joyfully Recommend Tales of the Magician 2: The Lost One.


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