Sweet Persuasion by Maya Banks

Berkley Trade

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0425227701

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Fantasy Incorporated is Serena’s baby.  Having owned and operated this wish granting foundation for five years, Serena has seen the good this corporation has done as well as the not so good.  Serena tries her best to not get involved personally with her clients but it is getting harder and harder to remain aloof.  She yearns for someone in her life that she can trust to take control without steamrolling over her.  Her fantasies include dominance and submission – something she is not sure of but is willing to experience.  Talking with her friends leads her to Damon Roche.  Using the guise that a client wants his services – Damon owns a sex club – Serena asks him to help her with her client’s ‘fantasy’.  Damon suspects that the client is actually Serena herself and plans her submission.  He wants her for two weeks – and after two weeks he hopes that Serena will come to realize that in her submission, a beautiful love of a life time has been found.

Maya Banks shoots and scores with Sweet Persuasion! I knew Damon Roche would be just as sexy in Sweet Persuasion as he was in Sweet Surrender.  I had no idea how truly dominant this enigmatic and alpha man would be.  He wanted Serena completely – flaws and all. But convincing Serena their relationship is more than a fantasy will take some doing.  She is in love with Damon but has a hard time thinking that she might be the right person for him. It is up to Damon to convince her – and convince her he does!  Quite lustily I am happy to report – he is so lustful that I am still blushing.

Sweet Persuasion is more than sweet – it is decadently luscious. Damon and Serena are amazing together.  Damon’s treatment of Serena is extremely dominant but in such a way it truly shows the beauty in submitting to a mate.  The road they travel is long but their love is true.  Sweet Persuasion is marvelous and I loudly and happily joyfully recommend this achingly beautiful novel. 


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