Steveís Story by Jess Dee

Circle of Friends, Book 2


Samhain Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-60504-500-9

Reviewer: Melissa



Steve Sommers never knew why the woman he loved walked away from him. But now due to an accident involving her brother Tyler, Steveís best friend, she  is back and all the feelings that Steve had for her have rushed back too. Pen has always loved Steve, even when she left him. However the secret sheís hiding has kept her from ever letting him know how much. She canít bring herself to sentence him to what exactly a life together with her would mean. Sometimes though, love can be enough to handle anything.

I had originally read Tylerís story and fell in love with Steve, wanting his story right then. After making me wait months, Jess Dee more than delivers with Steveís Story. I canít say too much without giving away the story, which simply must be read to appreciate. Heartbreaking while at the same time being heartwarming, Jess Dee shows that while not every happy ending is perfect, sometimes you take the hand life deals you and love with all your heart. I found myself in tears several times. Truly outstanding.


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