Steel Beauty by Dana Marie Bell

Halle Pumas, Book 4



ISBN: 978-1-60504-498-9

Reviewed by Tanya



Belinda ĒBelleĒ Campbell is a shifter that hasnít had the best couple of months.  She is wrongly accused of being in league with her old best friend to take out the new female pack alpha.  Then she is severely injured helping save the life of another new pack member.  Oh and to make things worse she has also found her mate.  But he isnít a puma, he is a wolf, and she needs to be able to stand as his alpha.  This will be hard to do with a rod in her leg and a pin in her hip, she was hit by a car after all.

When she finally gets to travel to live with her mate, Rick, she finds that there is another power hungry woman (Gina) who wants not only her man but her position in the pack.  Will she be able to finish the mating with Rick in time to have others let her heal?  Or is Gina beyond reason?  If Gina is beyond reason what will the outcome be to both Rick and Belle?

The Halle Puma Series just keeps getting better and better.  In this installment we get to see just what happens when a puma and a wolf are mated, and the chaos that will result.  I think Steel Beauty is the perfect title for Belle and Rickís story.  I am not sure I have laughed this long and hard about the antics of a character in a long time.   When you get to the scene in the restaurant with Belle and Gina you will know what I mean.  That being said if you donít pick up Steel Beauty I think you will be missing a hilarious story that also has one of the strongest woman characters you will run across.


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