Spoken by Sean Michael

A Hammer Novel, Book 3

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-640-7

Reviewed by Lisa



They have battled cancer together and won the war.  Life is getting back on track for Eric or ‘Ric and Kendall or Kenny, a committed, loving couple before cancer attacked Eric and rocked their world.

Something doesn’t feel quite right to Kenny though.  He had taken care of Eric for so long but now it seems like Eric is never home now that he’s well.  The love is still there but something is wrong.

Coming close to death can change a person and Eric is no different. The fantasies and secret desires he’s always kept in the back of his mind are now something Eric is determined to check out.  But, how does he broach the subject of BDSM to his geek librarian lover?  Eric refuses to lose Kenny but a second chance means there is time to explore his sexual fantasies to their fullest.  Eric can only hope that Kenny will take this new journey with him.

Author Sean Michael is successful for a reason – he writes damn good stories with heart felt depth and blazing hot passion.  Spoken is the key word as well as the title here because it’s a lack of communication that brings discord to a once strong and happy relationship.  Mild BDSM, fast pacing and blindingly hot, Spoken is the word.  Spoken is Joyfully Recommended.


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