Lost Star by Morgan Hawke

Interstellar Service & Discipline; Victorious Star Prequel

Loose Id

Futuristic Sci-Fi/Fantasy BDSM (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-615-6

Reviewed by Sabella



Aubrey has a talent with computers that has always gotten him what he wants. It has also landed him in more trouble than someone so young should ever know.  But with his smart mouth and even smarter programming skills he has always managed to skate by the authorities.  All of that ends when he is caught illegally commandeering pleasure crafts and is sentenced by the government to serve as a ship’s tech engineer until his time is served.  While serving his sentence, Aubrey is captured by the feared Moribund and caged to perform in a slave program for the ship’s sentience.  As Aubrey’s talent in maneuvering around a ship’s programming is unrivaled, it makes him a prize worth keeping at all costs.  During his “stay” in Moribund’s hands Aubrey is physically abused, almost to the point of death, and is then mentally raped by Moribund’s ship that is controlled by the merciless Nav-Pilot.  When there is a chance to escape, the sympathetic ship helps. However, Aubrey has been so damaged during his time at Moribund’s that his escape becomes a death sentence – until Deshryt Seht, who rescues him.  Unfortunately the rescue might cost more than Aubrey might be willing to pay to stay alive, even if he has come to love Seht.  Then fate takes Aubrey out of Seht’s hands and delivers him back to his own government. Aubrey discovers many things about himself during their separation, along with the means of how to survive without Seht, even if it leaves a gaping hole in his heart.

Deshryt Seht, blood prince of Skeldhor, is out on a scouting mission when he comes across a young, underfed, and defenseless, yet defiant, Aubrey.  Deciding he has nothing to lose by rescuing this stray human, Seht takes Aubrey with him. When Aubrey’s hold on life becomes precarious Seht does the only thing he can – he bonds Aubrey to him making him a Rehkyt; a Skeldhi sex slave.  While this arrangement suits Seht quite well, Aubrey never quits chaffing at the proverbial leash.  Subsequently, Seht is forced to give up Aubrey and he promises to search for him until they can be together again.  However, Seht isn’t quite ready for the man that Aubrey becomes when that time arrives.

How can these two strong-willed men endure the constant struggle for dominance to enjoy the love they obviously share?

Once again Morgan Hawke delivers erotic romance in style and it will leave you smoldering from the passionate heat generated and reaching over to re-read the previous books in the series!  Interstellar Service and Discipline: Lost Star delivers on everything promised by the previous books of the series. This book gives us a full version of how Aubrey and Seht came to be together in such an unusual relationship when they are first introduced in Victorious Star.  Aubrey is full of fire and defiance which, while making his life an adventure, it also places him at risk every time he opens his mouth.  Seht is light years more worldly and controlled, but his impetuousness lands him with Aubrey as his Rehkyt, a role wholly unsuitable to Aubrey as it requires the bending of one’s will to another.  These two men are absolutely explosive the first time they come together when Seht initiates Aubrey into the experience of sex and dominance.  Then when they come back together after a ten year separation, both men have changed, making the clash for dominance between them that much more unpredictable and their passion equally volatile and pervasive.  In the end it is Seht’s love for Aubrey that tips the scales to place them in a relationship that is the absolute reverse of one expected of a Skeldhi prince and his Rehkyt.  Morgan Hawke is an absolute master of the written word, spinning such a compelling tale that it transcends the main elements of D/s and m/m sex, and bringing Seht and Aubrey’s story to a level that compels the reader to follow them until the very end and soak up every single sip of action that their story packs.  Interstellar Service and Discipline: Lost Star is a must have for lovers of the Interstellar Service and Discipline series and for any adventurous reader looking for a romance that is unique and powerfully erotic.  Aubrey and Seht pack so much emotion, raw sensuality and powerful aggression into each and every encounter that you share their implacable need to come together whenever they are sharing the same space.  The strongest traits that make Aubrey and Seht unforgettable characters are their complete need for each other and their equal resistance to be the one to yield to the other.  The love shared between these men is blanketed by their contest for power and their overriding need for one another, sometimes overshadowing the love they feel; however, it comes shinning through whenever they touch.  Seht and Aubrey’s story is so memorable and compelling that I can almost guarantee that you will be reading their story more than once!  Interstellar Service and Discipline: Lost Star is the perfect read when you are looking for a heated romance that challenges every preconception of m/m romances, while leaving you eagerly wanting more, more, more!  I cannot recommend Interstellar Service and Discipline: Lost Star more than saying – you must have this book. It will hook you into the IS&D universe in ways that you will never expect and leave you craving for more!


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