Fight Fire With Fire by Amy J. Fetzer

Dragon One, Book 4


Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-0758231376

Reviewed by Jo



Safia Troy, CIA agent extraordinaire, is use to working by herself and trusts very few people.  After all she learned that during her initial training and she has never forgotten it or the people responsible for it.  While trying to find out what the arms dealer she is following was up to, Safia comes face to face with the Irish man she saved years ago and could never really forget.  Just what is he doing back in her part of the world and why?

Riley Donovan, member of Dragon One, has been given a chance to bring in the man that destroyed his career in the marines.  Riley will never forgive the careless man who killed members of his old team and he now has a chance to make sure he pays for all the deaths.   The mission is all but done when a new complication enters into the fight and as a result, others take the captive.  Mad enough to strike the newcomer down, Riley is very surprised to see itís the woman that risked her life to save his and a friendís many years ago.  Even better, she is as sexy as he has remembered.

After figuring out that their missions are overlapping and that for some reason the left and right hands are not talking, Riley convinces Safia to partner up with him.  If she has to, Safia figures Riley is the best to partner up with.  Especially as their case spirals into more and more oddities and into the darkest part of depravity.  When it becomes unclear just who are the good guys and who are the bad, Safia discovers things about herself that leave her shaken.  Taking out the new and worst target ever is going to push Safia, Riley and Dragon One to their limits.  When it is over will Safia and Riley have a happily ever after or will this darkness be more than they can overcome?

Chilling page-turner describes Fight Fire With Fire, the fourth book in the Dragon One series.  Safia has always wanted to help the innocent and became an agent Ė even when she herself was disillusioned.  Riley was positive that he would be a career Marine, until one careless accident destroyed friends.  I absolutely loved watching two strong people who had no interest in relationships circle around their attraction until Riley decided Safia was it.  Now he just had to convince her without making her run.  The tenderness and playfulness that came out during a stress filled time just proved to me how matched they were.  Ms. Fetzer had me gasping as danger came too close for comfort many times and smiling when Safia realizes that Riley is all she wants or needs.  Fight Fire With Fire is a must read and keeper that I Joyfully Recommend.

While it is the fourth book in this series, it can be read as a stand alone, which is what I did.  Just beware because, like me, you will be headed to the bookstore to find the first three books.


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