At Last Comes Love & Seducing an Angel by Mary Balogh

Huxitable Quartet Books 3 & 4


Bantam Dell

ISBN: 978-0-0440-24424-0, 978-0385-34105-9

Reviewed by Melissa



At Last Comes Love

Margaret Huxitable needs to find a fiancé and quickly. The man who she loved for years had jilted her to marry a Spanish lady while on a military campaign, now that he’s back and a widower, Maggie doesn’t want to appear as if she’s pined for him so she lies to him and claims to be betrothed. For Duncan Pennethorne, Earl of Sheringford Maggie’s situation is the answer to his prayers. Due to a scandal 5 years ago, he has fifteen days to marry a suitable woman or be disinherited. Both agree to an engagement but can they make a marriage between them work?

I had been waiting for Margaret’s book since the first Huxitable book and wasn’t disappointed in anyway by At Last Comes Love! Duncan and Maggie thoroughly engrossed me, keeping me hanging on their story, never wanting it to end!


Seducing an Angel

Stephen Huxitable, the Earl of Merton, is intrigued by Cassandra Belmont. Scandal surrounds her and she is in London to find a wealthy lover. She is determined to choose wisely and Stephen is the perfect choice. The passion burns bright between them and before long the passion becomes love. But even though Stephen has decided to make Cassandra his wife instead of his lover, he still has to convince her.

Mary Balogh does it again. Regency romance at its best Seducing an Angel is just what I was looking for in the last Huxitable book. Passion, villains and a hero to die for make this a must read!

I can’t recommend that readers pick up this series highly enough. But if you do get ready for reading marathon because once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop!



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