Anybody but Justin by Shelli Stevens

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-524-5

Reviewed by Raine



Gabby is looking for “the one”—someone serious about life and a monogamous relationship. The problem is that no one measures up to the friendship and fun she had with Justin, her former roommate. He’s a player and never serious about anything. Why is it then that he is all she thinks about, even though she knows he is not the serious, forever kind of guy…or is he?

Anybody but Justin is an extraordinary story. The underlying “never judge a book by its cover” applies to Justin and is a lesson learned the hard way for Gabby. Sometimes when you think you know everything about someone there may be something more to learn. I completely fell in love with Justin and Gabby and their story and I wholeheartedly recommend Anyone but Justin as a must read.


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