“Sweet Dreams” by Lori Foster 

Cara Compton has just had a very hot and sexy dream about her good friend and neighbor Jamison Lawton. When she meets him at the pool, all her dreams come true.

 Lori Foster proves yet again why she is such a great romance writer. “Sweet Dreams” is sexy and romantic and the chemistry between Cara and Jamison is intense.  I love this story!


 “Unpredictable” by Erin McCarthy

 Hannah Godwin‘s psychic ability is sometimes more of a curse than a blessing. When she meets police officer Luke Warner and his canine partner Ralph she proves it yet again. Luke thinks Hannah is special and they could make a great team. He just has to convince Hannah of it now.

 “Unpredictable” is really fun. Hannah is very sweet, Luke is very sexy, and Ralph is adorable. “Unpredictable” is a great story!


“After Hours” by Toni Blake

 Marla shepherd is Michael Gates’ administrative assistant. She’s been in love with him for the last two years. Thinking her love in unrequited, Marla accepts a job five hours away. But when she tells Michael about it she gets the surprise of her life.

 “After Hours” is a romantic fantasy. It’s hot, it’s sexy, and it’s got a great happily ever after.


“Last of the Red-Hot Mamas” by Diane Castell

 Middle-aged, divorced, and a mother of a teenage girl, Gloria thinks she’s past the point of finding romance. She gets the surprise of her life in a hotel room one afternoon though. Gloria’s about to be surprised again when the escort she thought she spent the afternoon with turns out to be someone else. Rab Langley wants more than one hot afternoon though.

  “Last of the Red-Hot Mamas” is funny and sexy. It’s got a classic romantic feel and a great leading man!


“Salesman of the year” by Karen Kelley

 Jenny has always done what was expected of her. Even when it meant turning Devon down - the one guy in high school she desperately wanted.  Many years later, Jenny is reunited with Devon; he is the real estate agent showing Jenny and her fiancé houses. Devon takes one look at Jenny and sees the feisty girl he used to know being slowly smothered, so he sets out to show her that what she has and what she wants are two very different things.

 “Salesman of The Year” is a heartwarming story about finding lost love. It has an ending that gives everyone what they deserve.


“Dance the Fandango” by Rosemarie Laurey

 Magda Stephenson’s husband died just over a year ago and her children think it’s time she moved on with her life. Little do they know, that’s exactly what she’s done with Juan Hernandez!

 “Dance the Fandango” is a sexy story about new love, new beginnings, and happy endings. You can feel the love between Magda and Juan.


“The Girl Next Door” by Janice Maynard 

Jason Ratcliff came home to his family’s farm after his parents died in a car accident to take care of his younger sisters. Six years later, he’s sold the farm, his sisters are doing fine, and he’s going back to college to get the architecture degree he always wanted. Felicity Jones has been in love with Jason for years so she’s taking a chance before he leaves to tell him how she feels. She wasn’t expecting the reaction he has though!

“The Girl Next Door” is sweet, sexy and very romantic.


“Chicken Soup For Annie” by LuAnn McLane

 Josh Wainscot is pastor of the First Christian Church and owner of the new thrift shop in town. Annie Alexander is quiet and shy. She and her young daughter are new to town. A case of mistaken identity leads to friendship but Josh wants more. With a helping hand and loving heart he gives Annie something she’s needed for a long time.

 “Chicken Soup For Annie” is a heartwarming and touching story. Annie is a sweetheart and Josh is charming. “Chicken Soup For Annie” is a story about starting over and finding true love.


 “No Angel” by Lucy Monroe

 Cheryl Gentry is Zack Alexander’s personal assistant. After healing from an abusive relationship, she has gotten her confidence back but not where Zach is concerned. She likes him and she wants him. Turns out, Zach wants the same thing. 

 “No angel” is a good story about healing and new beginnings. Zach is very sexy and Cheryl is tough as nails. They make a great team.


“Angel In The Alley” by Patricia Sargeant

 Sara Barber is starting over. After divorcing her controlling and abusive ex-husband Asa, she moved away and is opening a coffee shop.  The day before her grand opening, Sara finds a homeless man living behind her shop.  Raphael has nowhere to go so Sara helps him. What Sara doesn’t know, is that Raphael has been sent to help her.

 “Angel In the Alley” is a poignant and uplifting story. Sara is lovely and Raphael is kind and compassionate.  Sara gets everything she deserves, and more in “Angel In The Alley.”


“Hannah’s Choice” by Kay Stockham

 Hannah Pruitt has come back to her hometown after ending an abusive relationship.  Mitch Donovan has always loved Hannah and now that she is back he is determined to find out why she left without saying a word. Hannah is trying to heal from the cycle of abuse that has plagued her whole life.

 “Hannah’s Choice” is about healing and loving. Mitch is a terrific guy man and Hannah is much stronger than she gives herself credit for. “Hannah’s Choice is a wonderful story.


“The Mouse Who Roared” by J.C. Wilder

 After overhearing her boss rant about her looks and personality, Amy Mouse decides to make some changes. She changes her career and her looks then heads straight for Jack O’Reilly- the man she has been too shy to get close to. Amy’s tired of being shy and quiet, she’s ready to roar!  

“The Mouse Who Roared” is a fun story. Amy reinvents herself and gets the guy too.  “The Mouse Who Roared” gives Amy what she deserves!


The Power Of Love is written by some of today’s best romance authors.  Not only are all twelve stories incredibly romantic but the proceeds of the book go to a good cause as well.  I have a few favorites in The Power Of Love but I really enjoyed every story. Each one is uplifting and passionate. The Power Of Love.   From rekindling old flames to finding unexpected happiness, The Power Of Love will be the most romantic group of stories on your bookshelf!


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