The Beast in Him by Shelly Laurenston
Pride, Book 2
Brava Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 0758220375
ISBN-13: 978-0758220370
Reviewed by Jo




Jessica Ward has wanted Bobby Ray Smith since they were kids. Then he left town to join the military.  Not long after that, Jess left and many years later, is now not only the alpha of her own pack, but the CEO of a company.  Jess is no longer the gangly geek girl who hid most of the time in high school.  Now the timing is just right to show Bobby Ray that she is all grown up.

Bobby Ray is settling in with the part of the Smith Pack that followed him to Manhattan.   He also has his new security business that is growing slowly as the word gets out.  On the night he discovers that not only has Jess grown up but she has also become a beautiful woman, it's an eye-opening and lust-inducing event. 

That night is the beginning of the unique romance of Bobby Ray and Jessica.  Besides the day-to-day worries of their businesses, now they both also have the welfare of their respective packs to worry about and keep safe.  Just their luck that when the packs seem to be accepting them, something happens that could not only risk the peace between the packs, but also any chance that Bobby Ray and Jess have to finally mate.  Now it is up to Jess, Bobby Ray, and their packs and family to overcome the potential threat.

 What is a girl to do when she has decided it's time to be claimed by her mate?  In The Beast in Him, and if you are Jess, you arrange to meet up with your long-time mate of choice and proceed to show him how good you could be together.  Bobby Ray was not ready to settle down, or so he thought, until he came up against Jessica during a security job.  Now there is nothing he won’t do to have her as his mate. So why is she giving him so much stress?  Once again, I have found that nobody does subtle humor and mean in a loving way like Ms. Laurenston.  Jess knows what she wants and how she wants it.  Bobby Ray knows what he needs and just can’t figure out how to get it.  With fun antics, hot nights, a pack of crazy wild dogs, and the semi-insane Smith pack, there is no way to miss...right?

I found myself laughing so many times while following the circle route that Jess and Bobby Ray took into love.  When you throw in the zany secondary characters and how they “helped” the situations – I just could not resist laughing, sighing, and yes, even snorting.  My only warning is to be careful when drinking while reading.  There are more reasons to love The Beast in Him than I could list here, but I will tell you that it is Joyfully Recommended and not to be missed.   


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