Table For One by Georgiana Daniels
The Wild Rose Press
Inspirational Romance
Print ISBN 1-60154-167-8
Reviewed By Tori




Lucy Brocklehurst, a stockbroker, is almost thirty and still not married.  She is a Christian and finds herself at a church with a 7:1 ratio of single women to single men.  One of the single men is the handsome and sporty youth pastor.  The other is a plain geek of a man, who lives with his overbearing mother. 

 Edgar Flowers is a Junior High math teacher and has a heart for God.    Edgar has been praying for a wife and knows that Lucy should be his.  Can he convince Lucy that she belongs with him? Will his mother ever accept the woman that he loves?

 Table for One is a hilarious read. Georgiana Daniels wrote some down to earth characters in this book, and I had no problem believing the story. It felt like a good friend telling you about how she met her husband.  Lucy is someone I would be a friend with, klutzy and funny.  Edgar’s mother would make any woman hug her mother-in-law and thank them for being so kind. Edgar is sweet and patient; he is the underdog you have to root for.


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