Stay with Me by Maya Banks
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Menage/Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59998-934-4
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




It is her anniversary, and Catherine can’t wait to tell her husbands, Logan and Rhys, her news. After being married for five years, Catherine and her men are finally going to be parents.  She can only imagine how happy they will be, and the anniversary vacation the trio has planned to leave for the next day will be the icing on the cake. The longer Catherine waits, however, the more she realizes she has been stood up once again for business. She soul searches and comes up with the only conclusion she can think of, and so heads out on her anniversary vacation alone. 

Logan and Rhys love Catherine, their wife, more than they ever thought possible.  Striving to make their business successful so she would want for nothing has been tough, and they've had to make a lot of sacrifices, especially where their marriage is concerned.  When a client unexpectedly requires their presence in another town, Logan and Rhys don’t hesitate. They leave immediately, completely forgetting their dinner date with their wife.  Upon their return, Logan and Rhys immediately sense something is wrong.  It seems their home is empty, and their wife has left without them.

 Catherine has to do a lot of soul searching.  She loves her men unconditionally, but she is so very tired of being taken advantage of.  She knows she is more important than just a phone call, and so makes the decision to stand strong where her husbands are concerned.  In order for Catherine to forgive them, they’ll have to make some allowances that Catherine refuses to give up on - namely their marriage. 

 May I just state how very much I love the writing of Maya Banks? With every novel she releases, Stay with Me included, I find myself swept away in a story and plot line so gripping that I can’t stop reading. Stay with Me could be about any wife who's taken advantage of and for granted.  When Catherine put her foot down concerning her feelings, I applauded her for being a strong woman.  More than once, I wanted to thump Logan and Rhys on the top of their heads and scream, “Do you not get it?”  Lucky for them, they got a clue, because I wanted to hurt them!

 Stay with Me is a spectacular ménage.  I love how the triad was already established at the beginning of the book, and readers are taken on a journey of the inner dealings and things that have to happen to make a relationship like this work. Consider Stay with Me joyfully recommended, because it made me laugh, cry, and blush.  I loved it.


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