So Much More Than Naked by D.J. Manly
eXtasy Books
M/M BDSM Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-55487-041-7
Reviewed by Ley




Darcy lived his life taking care of others.  His father died when he was young and he held his family together by taking care of his mother and younger brother Martin.  When his mother died, Darcyís life consisted of taking care of his brother and keeping things in order, so there was no room for anyone else in his life and no time to think about the fact that he never found any interest in having a woman in his life.  When Martin became engaged and insisted Darcy bring a date to his wedding, Martin took it a step further and answered a personal ad on Darcyís behalf.

 Always one to give into his brotherís wishes, Darcy agreed to the blind date. However, he finds himself not meeting the sweet woman described in the personal ad, but instead he found Ryan, a Dom looking for a submissive, and he is all man.

 I loved this story!  So Much More Than Naked reeled me in from the first chapter and I read this entire story in one sitting.  I adored Darcy. I was taken with him and Martin and their camaraderie, and itís obvious how much these brothers loved each other.  Martin wanted Darcy to finally start living his life and not worry about him anymore, but Darcy has taken care of him for so long, he didnít know how to let go and then Ryan entered the picture.  Meeting Ryan is a strange twist of fate for Darcy.  Ryan awakens feelings and emotions in Darcy that he never allowed himself to face and heís frightened to have to face them now.  I absolutely adored Ryan, too.  Heís a very passionate and patient man and was what Darcy needed, even if he was unable to face it.   So Much More Than Naked took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. It had me laughing, crying, frustrated, pouting, and smiling throughout the story.  So Much More Than Naked is definitely a Joyfully Recommended read!


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