Satyr’s Myst by Marie Harte
Loose Id
Polyamorous Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-667-0
Reviewed by Willow




Rick Hastings thought Trevor Reaper was the sexiest man he’d ever met….until Trevor drugged and kidnapped him! Okay…so he still thinks that. But what kind of kidnapper keeps a man in his own house, and says he’ll be released in a few days? Two days later Lilah Tanner shows up to “distract” Rick from his situation. As if it wasn’t bad enough before she arrived in his house, now Rick has two very sexy reasons for the perpetual hard-on he’s carrying around.

 Trevor Reaper is not exactly comfortable playing keeper to Rick. The man fairly exudes sex, which is a problem for Trevor who's hidden his desires for such a long time. The man in his fantasies has always been faceless….until he meets Rick. Trevor is more than ready for his replacement to show up. What he gets instead is Lilah…and a permanent erection thanks to her and Rick. But it’s Trevor’s job to protect Rick from a stalker, and he’ll do it; even if the sexual arousal kills him.

 Lilah Tanner is doing her cousin Elise a favor by coming to a beautiful tropical island to distract Rick Hastings, Elise’s ex. Elise tells her to just be her usual annoying self and that should work. Problem is, no one told her how damn sexy Rick is…..or that she’d be met at the door by a giant of a sex god who immediately wraps her hand around his needy erection. What’s a girl to do in a situation like this? The answer is to enjoy it while she can.

 Rick doesn’t hide his bisexuality - it’s part of who he is. But since Elise left him, he doesn’t get anything from casual sex. He wants so much more. He is very much aware of the instant connection between himself and Lilah and Trevor, a connection that links all three of them to each other. With a stalker on the loose and Rick needing “protection," this is the perfect opportunity to get to know the two people he is determined to keep in his life. But do they feel the same about him?

 I couldn’t stop reading Satyr’s Myst until I got to the end, and even then I didn’t want it to be over. The interaction between Rick, Lilah and Trevor is hot and not just physically. They all want more than just the physical, and it’s funny to listen in and realize that all three of them are doing their own thing to prolong their time together. Lilah, because she wants these two men as much as possible before they realize they really don’t want her. Trevor, because he wants his fantasy and doesn’t think he can have it in the outside world. Rick, because he wants love and is sure he’s found it with these two. This book is a definite repeat read.


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