Running Blind by Robin Leigh Miller
Cerridwen Press
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9781419914232
Reviewed by Indy




 As the physic on a serial killer case in Sioux City, Iowa, Jessica Christ never expected she would be the one running scared. A too eager reporter provided a killer what he needed to make her his ultimate target when he finds out sheís tracking him with her special abilities. As the killer cuts down everyone near Jessica she decides running is her best option, an option that sends her to a small town right into the isolated arms of Reed Baker. A parolee who doesnít need any more problems, Reed feels he should get his head examined when he listens to the elfin woman and takes her to his home and not the hospital after an accident that almost resulted in a head on collision. The mystery surrounding Jessica brings with it nightmares and eyes filled with terror. If Reed is to be able to help them both then he needs to find out who sheís running from before itís too late.

 In a story surrounded by suspense and intrigue Running Blind is another powerful addition to the bookshelf of an author who understands how to paint drama with an ease thatís uncanny. A paranormal gem based in contemporary settings, Running Blind is about a physic that gets to close for comfort to a case and becomes the target of a madman intent on finding his next high. A high brought on by a thrill of the chase, the fear of his victims and the conquering of another lifeís spirit. Jessica and her unlikely beau come from similar backgrounds and personality styles that make them an ideal match. Sad past, complicated adulthoods and even their shared relationships with the law. Robin Leigh Millerís latest book just solidified why I love her work. A master at creating stories where perseverance and the will to live is just a couple of reasons why the heroines in her story become women I would love to emulate. I canít say enough about this tale and I Joyfully Recommend Running Blind for readers who love an intense romance where danger lurks and the strength of will reigns. 


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