Model Soldier by Cat Johnson
Task Force Zeta
Linden Bay Publishing
Contemporary Romance with Military Men
ISBN: 978-1-60202-094-8
Reviewed by Tanya




Army Staff Sergeant David “Hawk” Hawkins is not having a good week.  First his team beats a training group, only to find out that the opposing group was not going full out.  Now he has found himself in the middle of a rematch with consequences he knows nothing about.  When they are not successful and he find out the terms of his loss, he is furious.  He is not some pansy ass model. Oh wait, maybe now he is.  He can’t believe that he is the new face for the Army.  Well, he is going to do everything he can to get out of the assignment.  More importantly, he is not going to do anything but have a one-night-stand with the gorgeous little sprite of a woman they sent to be his photographer.  Okay, so maybe he will, but he will make sure she knows the score before they do anything.

 Ad Executive Emily Price has just been handed her first major campaign.  She is already daydreaming about it.  Imagine being the one to design the new campaign for the Army.  When her boss did the same last year for the Spec. Ops. Group, she also got a husband out of the deal.  Now Emily is lusting after a photo of what appears to be one super alpha, caveman male.  But she will wait to assign judgment until after they meet. 

 Okay, they met and she is 100% right he is 100% cavemen, but what a sexy caveman.  Will she give in to his proposition of a one-night-stand, and if she does, will her heart last?  More importantly, will she be able to get him to work with them on the campaign?  When events take her to Afghanistan, will they rekindle their one night or will things work to keep them apart?

Sigh.  I can just see Hawk now. I just hope the vision in my head is as hot as Ms. Johnson intended in Model Soldier.  But then again, he is hot enough in my mind to need to fan myself, so that is probably good enough.  I absolutely loved this second story in the Task Force Zeta series, and it is very much a stand-alone book.  Ms. Johnson definitely has a knack for writing not only a smoking hot alpha (that is with a capital A alpha) male, but a super spicy erotic scene or two.  She also is realistic about time tables on deployments, spotty communications, etc.  Additionally, the different type of characters she pulls together make the stories cruise by quickly.  Hum, so if it only takes me a couple of hours to read, why do I have to wait until July for the next one???  If you are a fan of Suzanne Brockmann’s Navy Seals, then you will love the men of the Army and Task Force Zeta.


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