Hellís Belles by Jackie Kessler
Hell on Earth, Book 1
Erotic Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 0-8217-8102-2; 978-0-8217-8102-9; 0-7582-2285-8
Reviewed by Sabella 




Jezebel is a demon of Lust and she loves her job.  After all, she gets to have awesome sex with her assignments before she sucks out their souls and takes them down to Hell.  But when there is a sudden change in the rules of Hell, Jezebel decides that running away is the only option, because the Announcement made by King Lucifer is just too much to bear.  As she runs to hide among the population on Earth, she finds herself dancing in high heels for cash.  Being a stripper isnít so bad, since she found herself employed at Belles and seems to be adjusting to the ďhumanĒ thing quite well Ė to the point that she seems to have captured the attention of hunky Paul Hamilton.  However, with the denizens of Hell after her to take her back, Jezebel finds herself needing to survive the attentions of her slimy boss, a nasty mugging, and the deadly attentions of the Queen of the Succubae.

 Will Jezebel survive to claim Paul as her own? Or will she be dragged, kicking and screaming, back into the depths of Hell?

Hellís Belles is an amazing book will have you laughing out loud at Jezebelís snappy one-liners and her unique world view.  Hellís Belles will floor you as it keeps you glued to your seat and turning the pages way past your bedtime!  Jackie Kessler explodes into the scene of paranormal romance with this debut novel, which will leave you eagerly waiting for the next installment of the Hell on Earth series and making you a die-hard fan of this universe.  Jezebel is a charming and intriguing character who will capture your attention from the first page with her quirky outlook and her ďwarpedĒ view of humanity and her place in it.  Itís a lot of fun watching Jezebel dance on the edge of a blade as she struggles to ďblendĒ within humanity while trying to evade Hellís bounty hunters.  Paul is a perfect hero, complete with a tortured past, who creates a perfect foil for Jezebelís antics.  I absolutely loved, loved, loved Hellís Belles and I canít wait to get my hands on the next book in the series!  Hellís Belles is an extraordinary book that will pull you into the story from the get-go and leave you wishing for more of Jezebel and Paul!  Get yourself Hellís Belles as itís a fun romp into the life of a succubus and her adventure as a human full of humor and wit!


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