Hard Time by DJ Manly
eXtasy books
ISBN: 978-1-55487-013-4
Reviewed by Raine




Having a jerk for a stepfather made growing up hard. Keeping his mom happy by helping out at the prison over his summer breaks ended up working out to his advantage. David Carter went on to get his teaching degree to help prisoners become literate. Davidís best friend was always teasing him about picking up some hot action on the side. And it was only teasing until Elliott Law was incarcerated and turned Davidís head, then it was no longer a joke, but a serious problem. Then chaos reigns as David finds himself held hostage in a car at gunpoint, by Elliott, demanding he help him escape. A wild tale ensues and David is caught up in whether or not to believe the wild accusations Elliott is claiming.

 DJ Manly writes a truly nail biting story based on believing in instincts and letting them override what the mind says to believe. David has always been a conscientious and caring teacher to those in need. And while gay, heís never had an issue with being attracted to any of the inmates heís worked with till Elliot Laws shows up that is. Elliott Law is epitome of tall, dark and gorgeous and David sneaks every moment he can to drink it in. But Elliott is also seductive and it becomes hard to resist the flirting and fore-play. This story has an amazing plot with some little twists, some really hot sweaty man sex, and love. I loved David and Elliottís story in Hard Time and Iím Joyfully Recommending it as a must read.


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