“Mask” by James Buchanan 

When lovers Martin and Don Hector Luz Aritza meet Hector’s French betrothed, an arrangement set in place by Hector’s father before he died, both men are resigned to the future marriage.  Martin knows he can stay single, but in Colonial Mexico, someone of Hector’s station in life has obligations and social restrictions and Hector must honor the marriage arrangement.  As everyone becomes acquainted with the bride-to-be, Lolita Moreau, it becomes readily apparent that she is haughty, demanding, and overbearing.  As the wedding date approaches, Hector withdraws from Martin.  Martin uncovers Lolita’s true wickedness and must find a way to save both Hector’s life and their love.

The story opens with an intimate moment between Hector and Martin, and the passion and love that exists between these two men is intense.  James Buchanan once again writes with descriptive imagery that pulls you into the story and makes you feel like a participant rather than a bystander.  “Mask” has lovely men, wicked women, magic, and an enjoyable story.


“Devotion” by Jade Falconer

 Prince Wilhelm purchases Marcus from a slave auction to be Wilhelm’s personal slave.  Wilhelm and Marcus quickly fall into a pattern of nightly sexual interludes.  When the prince invites a third man into their bed play, Marcus is hesitant at first, but then quickly gives into what he thinks Wilhelm desires.  The introduction of Frederic in their love life rocks Wilhelm and Marcus’ relationship and has the potential of tearing them apart forever.

 Plenty of hot sexual tension and bed sport, “Devotion” is a fun interlude with a spoiled prince who unknowingly falls in love with his slave and almost loses him when he actually tries to think of other people, and gives Marcus his freedom.


“Dragon's Fate” by Eliza Gayle

 Garon, a very dominant Fae, is forced to accept Kian of Levanti, an Unseelie Dragon, to train in the art of Dominance and submission.  Kian has always believed because he was a male warrior that he was a Dominant.  His attraction to Garon during their contest of wills has Kian playing a new role and questioning his role in life.  Garon has his own inner battles to fight during the training sessions with Kian as he strives to overcome his own bitter experiences and memories with the last Dragon he was involved with in a D/s role.

“Dragon’s Fate” kept my interest not only with the D/s play, but also with the shapeshifting capabilities of the Dragons and the love story that unfolds between Garon and Kian.  And what a lovely little tidbit at the end, hinting Kian’s journey is incomplete.


“Heads Or Tails” by Jenna Byrnes

Jeff Roberts has a successful job and his life planned out.  Currently engaged to his boss’ daughter, Lana Birdwell, Jeff is in line for the CFO position.  Jeff has convinced himself he is “straight” and that his past gay experiences in high school and college were encounters best left in the past.  Until he sees and meets new employee Kurt Lacey.  Kurt is openly gay and very attracted to Jeff.  One night together, and they begin a hot and illicit affair.  Jeff must choose between a life with Lana and no control, or a life with Kurt that promises to be filled with all of Jeff’s hidden and repressed desires.  Will flipping a coin help Jeff make a decision?

 In “Heads Or Tails,” I felt no sympathy for Lana.  She was very much business driven and oriented, with no compassion for her fellow workers or employees.  When Kurt and Jeff first start secretly seeing each other, their encounters are explicit and sometimes just raw sex.  At one point, Kurt is adamant that Lana is all wrong for Jeff but immediately backs down when he notices the rocky turmoil Jeff is experiencing.  Jeff’s life-altering story was emotional and the ride Kurt takes Jeff on is wild and crazy!


“Hardcore” by Selah March

 Jesse Bonham, ex-convict and ex-cop, is out for revenge against Paco, the man responsible for ruining Jesse’s life and putting him behind bars.  His plan is to kidnap Paco’s current boy toy and use him as bait to kill Paco.  Jesse’s plan didn’t involve getting involved with or falling for Sean, a college student and bartender. 

There’s just something hot about cops, even ex-cops.  Jesse lives up to the silent and moody reputation, and the banter between Jesse and Sean makes this story so very enjoyable.  My favorite quote from Jesse is “…he needed a better filter between his mouth and his brain” (who doesn’t?) after admitting he was watching Sean and not the scenery.  “Hardcore” is fast paced, exciting, and filled with edge-of-seat adventures one after another.


“Behind the Beard” by Yeva Wiest

 Set in historical England, Byron Jones is a twenty-five year old counselor with secret desires for Lord Richard Kincade, a highly placed and successful barrister.  Lord Kincade’s fiancée, Felicity Turner, is quickly proving “quarrelsome and spiteful” and Kincade is afraid his dream of a life partner with whom to share his life, love, and bed is unattainable.  Felicity is a perfect “beard,” or society cover, and would meet society’s demands for wife and heirs.  Young Byron, on the other hand, is handsome, “supple and fresh,” and enjoys the company of older men.  Meddlesome servants and a life-long friend of Lord Kincade’s hatch a plan to bring Byron and Kincade together during a society function that ends in laughter and love.

 “Behind the Beard” is a touching romance and emotional read around the hardships men in love endure around society’s demands in an historical setting.  I enjoyed the humorous and colorful characters from Kincade’s best friend Hugh, to interfering servants, and even the incidents with the “six”-legged creatures!


Fantasies Volume III  has it all, from western settings to princes, kingdoms, and castles; to Seelie and Unseelie; cops, mafia, corporate business types, and historical England. This volume is sure to please and satisfy manlove romance readers all over.  So many of my favorite romance scenarios were hit and that is why I Joyfully Recommend Fantasies Volume III.


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