Fallen by Erin McCarthy

Seven Deadly Sins, Book 2


Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-0-515-14462-8

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Gabriel St. John is a fallen angel.  Sent to Earth years ago to watch over and protect humans, Gabriel succumbed to addictions just as humans do, thus changing his status from watcher angel to demon. And just as humans harm themselves and possibly others with those same addictions, Gabriel is afraid that he has done the same thing.  For one hundred and fifty years, Gabriel, who was called John Thiroux, has believed that he might be responsible for the horrendous murder of his then mistress, Anne Donovan.  Unable to find out who murdered her, he turns to forensic scientist Sara Michaels with whom he shares one thing in common – her mother was also murdered in the same foul way and Gabriel wants to write a book in the hopes of solving both murders.

 Sara Michaels wants answers.  Selling her childhood home and taking a leave of absence from the job she loves, she heads to New Orleans with the hopes that author Gabriel St. John can help her solve her mother’s murder.  Gabriel is enigmatic and attractive but at the same time mysterious and anguished.  In spite of this, Sara finds herself falling in love with him and craving his touch.  But Sara has a secret of her own.  She is the great-great-grand-daughter of Anne Donovan and unbeknownst to Gabriel, Sara thinks it is only a matter of time before she is murdered as well. 

 Gabriel and Sara are attracted to each other but because of Gabriel’s curse, he knows he can never touch Sara the way he and she both want.  Will they be able to continue their platonic relationship or will they succumb to the passion that is inside both of them?

 I am guilty of never having read Erin McCarthy’s work.  Guilty but oh so remorseful because Fallen was magnificent! From the prologue to the last scene, Fallen kidnapped me and held me spellbound.  I ate, breathed, and slept this novel until I could finish and finally put it down.  Then when that happened, I picked it back up and began to read again.  It was just that outstanding. 

 Gabriel was tormented and full of regrets.  Regrets for Anne’s murder, regrets for his angelic status turned demon.  Most of all, he regretted not being able to touch and love Sara like he wanted. And he wanted her with every breath of his body.  Sara often at times was just as tortured as Gabriel because of her own regrets and addictions. I agonized at their inability to love each other fully but hope prevailed despite everything that seemingly was working against them. 

Consider Fallen Joyfully Recommended! The plot, the characters, and the setting of New Orleans all combine to make a fabulous and unforgettable read.  Erin McCarthy has a woven a timeless tale of good versus evil and has gained a new fan.  Two thumbs up and a dusting of angel wings on this one! 


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