Every Move You Make by Carla Cassidy
Romantic Suspense
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-22343-2
Reviewer: Melissa




Annalise Blakely is a successful dollmaker, who learned her trade from her mother. She finally seems to be getting her life in order, building a relationship with the half-brother she never knew, trying to repair the bond between her and the father who walked out on her. On top of that she’s met a man that she can’t stop thinking about. Police detective Tyler King is just as enthralled by Annalise. So when it becomes obvious that the serial killer he has been hunting is obsessed by Annalise, and that the dolls she produces are part of his fantasy, Tyler is determined that he won’t lose Annalise. But can he truly protect her from a madman?

 From the first page to the last Every Move You Make is just the book for lovers of romantic suspense. Carla Cassidy has created a story where romance and suspense mix for a sexy, thrilling ride that keeps you super-glued to the pages. Carla Cassidy’s books keep getting better and better and I highly recommend Every Move You Make!


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