Close to Me by Katrina Strauss
Blue Ruin, Book 2
Loose Id
M/M BDSM Yaoi Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59632-689-7
Reviewed by Ley




Blue and Derek try to get their life back on track after their ordeal at the hands of a crazed killer and kidnapper.  Mending fences with his parents and wanting his life to head in a more positive direction, Blue decides to take courses toward getting his GED.  Derek, although apprehensive, does not stand in Blue’s way even when he sees his social circle growing.  Derek trusts Blue and believes he would not do anything to disappoint him.  Blue never thought he would do anything to betray his Master’s trust.  Derek is the love of his life. It was with his help Blue was able to overcome some of the most traumatic experiences of his past.  He never thought he would hurt Derek, and especially not with the person who was the cause of his traumatic school years. 

When Blue comes face to face with Cameron Carter again, Blue’s first instinct is to avoid him.  When Cameron makes a shocking confession, Blue is conflicted by his strong feelings of attraction to his high school crush who tormented him and made his life hell, and his passionate love for Derek, his lover and Master.

 I loved this book! Close To Me is an excellent follow-up to Some Kind of Stranger.  Katrina Strauss gave more insight into Derek’s past and why he closes himself off except when it comes to Blue.  I absolutely adored Derek in this sequel. He wore his heart on his sleeve for Blue.  Blue is just easy to love. He is this sweet, spunky, vulnerable man/boy rolled into one.  Derek and Blue’s love grew stronger with the new temptations and obstacles they faced.  Ms. Strauss gave us even more sweet characters to adore with the addition of April, Jodi, and Cameron.  Close To Me is a very emotional, sweet, loving, and suspenseful story. There wasn’t just the suspense of whether or not Blue’s going to give into his feelings for Cameron and hurt Derek with the power only he possess, but also the suspenseful mystery of someone murdering young gay boys and the evidence is pointing toward an unlikely suspect. Close To Me is a great story from start to finish. I adored it and I Joyfully Recommend it.


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