Bullriders by Lorne Rodman
 Torquere Press
 Erotic M/M Ménage Romance
ISBN 978-1-934166-77-2
 Reviewed by Nannette





Farley Robertson is a big bullriding fan. He follows the circuit and keeps track of all the riders’ scores. His favorite bullriders are brothers Chris and Cody Morrell. When Farley gets to meet them he’s all tongue tied and nervous but the brothers make it easy on him.  The next thing Farley knows he’s having dinner with Chris and taking him back to his hotel room. The next morning when Chris goes back to the room he shares with his brother, Cody’s waiting and mad. He wants Farley too. Instead of fighting like they usually do, they decide to share him.  Farley is surprised but delighted that Chris and Cody both want him.

 Chris and Cody’s relationship goes beyond brotherly love. They’re best friends and lovers and it’s getting harder to keep their intimate secret from Farley. Little do they know, Farley’s been having some secret fantasies about his lovers. Telling him might not be a bad thing after all.

Farley, Chris and Cody are sexy and fun and just seven kinds of awesome! Farley is adorable. He’s so easy with his lovers and the more comfortable he gets with Chris and Cody the sweeter and sexier he becomes. Chris is a little intense and Cody is the easy going one. Their relationship is beautiful and passionate.  Bullriders is very hot, romantic, and a lot of fun. I loved it!


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