Bite by Marteeka Karland
Spaceport, Multi-Authors, Book 5
Changeling Press
Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59596-957-6
Reviewed by Lisa




A smuggler by trade, Dryson is content, even happy with his life aboard the Crimson Star, taking the jobs he wants while evading the Interplanetary Alliance Council with their crippling laws and taxes.

As a Rajian sex slave Sasha has certain expectations with her master such as if she pleases and pleasures him, Sasha expects the same in return.  So when her latest master doesnít reciprocate, well itís only right that she takes off and hides somewhere deep within Spaceport Adana.

 Dryson has brought goods, including chocolate to Spaceport Adana and intends on picking up a woman for some R & R when he spots Sasha on the auction block and likes what he sees.  While Dryson and Sasha are getting acquainted an assassin named Belin quietly stows aboard the Crimson Star.  When the ship leaves orbit Dryson and Sasha are very cozy and a killer plans to offer a choice between a dangerous life or death.

 Take a Bite and enjoy every mouthful with this exciting and witty story!  Fast paced, sexy and light hearted at times turns Bite into an easy tale to swallow.  Dryson is a futuristic pirate with a good heart, Sasha has a simple code of right and wrong which she decides on and Belin is an enigma who adds that dark and mysterious quality needed to make Bite work.  Also by the storyís  end a sexual encounter between the three ignites and blazes bright.  Somewhere between entertaining and scorching hot lies Bite.  Itís not rocket science but itís definitely fun so I Joyfully Recommend Bite.


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