Bachelor Bid by Stephanie-Anne Street
Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-60154-147-3 (Print)
Reviewed by Ley




Thanks to his motherís trickery city boy, Benedict Laverton, finds himself the hot ticket of a small town bachelor auction.  To save himself from spending the evening with some sex-starved, strange woman he asks one of the organizers to bid on him using his own money.  Rosy Scott knew this was a bad idea the moment Benedict Laverton approached her, the main reason being sheís a single a mother of two and how would it look if she spent her hard earned  money on a man.  But once the bidding began Rosy found herself carried away in a bidding war, which is easy to do when itís not your money you are spending.  She won the prize at a cost that was twice as much than what Benedict had given her to spend.

Going to the stage to collect her prize and the winnerís kiss, the most spectacular kiss that either one of them has ever experienced, only brought to mind many more reason why this was a bad idea.

 Fantastic, entertainingly sweet story!  Bachelor Bid is great. I really adore Rosy.  She is a very spunky mother of two precocious little boys and the perfect woman for Benedict even though sheís hard pressed to admit it.  Rosy has scars from her marriage and trust issues when it comes to men, she wants to trust Benedict but for a country girl and a slick city businessman, she really doubts there is a future between them.  It was certainly fun watching Benedict trying to convince her otherwise.  Stephanie-Anne Street wrote a fantastic story, one I know romance lovers will enjoy and Joyfully Recommend Bachelor Bid.


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