Unholy Trinity by Cat Marsters
Sundown International Collection
Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-59596-609-4
Reviewed by Klarissa




Turned into a vampire against her will, Paige seeks out her friend Jamie to help her through this new discovery.  He is also considered her best friend, but one she hasnít seen in a while.  When Paige finally meets up with Jamie, she desires more than blood.  His presence sparks a passion inside her she never allowed before.  Now she wants all of him.

Jamie has loved Paige since the moment he saw her, but knowing her history with men, Jamie figured it was better just to be her friend.  That way he could keep her in his life.  At least, he thought that way until Paige shows up at his place changed in more ways than one.  But, when she shows him more attention than he could ever hope for, things between these two really heat up.

Unholy Trinity has a definite wow factor!  This is definitely one of those unforgettable erotic vampire romances.  You have a great plot that will keep you glued to the pages along with characters that are loveable and oh so sexy.  For those interested, Unholy Trinity has m/f/m and m/m scenes.  I canít recommend Unholy Trinity enough!


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